Monday, July 26, 2010

Des Moines Salad Bar

So this is more about funny things I don't eat than what I do, I just had to take a picture of the awesome 'salad bar' in the otherwise super vegan-friendly Hy-Vee I shopped at in Des Moines, IA. To be fair they had other actual vegetable options in the slightly longer salad bar, but the showpiece was really the foursome of oreo cookie pureƩ, strawberry fluff, green jelly ambrosia and chocolate mouse that were the centre of the salad bar. Totally awesome, and made me laugh out loud, which to be honest, I really needed that day since I had just had a sad goodbye at the local airport. Being able to stock up on vegan yogurt and various other rarities in the midwest cheered me considerably as well. I actually really love a good ambrosia salad, and think I should try to make some when I get back to Brooklyn with delightfully vegan Sweet and Sara mini-marshmallows!


  1.! I was just having a discussion with my boyfriend the other day about how salad bars in restaurants generally gross me out. Too many times (as a waitress who worked at an establishment w/ a S.B.) I've seen kids and grotesquely fat adults put their grubby little fingers into the salad bar, put things in their mouths directly from the serving tongs, sneeze, etc., etc.. I'm happy to sa, however, I've never seen such a pureed display at a "salad" bar. I'm sure it was funnier in person, but thanks so much for the laugh!

  2. ^Yikes! That sounds horrible!!

    All I can say to that "salad bar" is, "Oy vey!"

  3. ha ha as someone that lives in Iowa all I can say is most of stay away from the salad bars anyway! Oi!