Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Milwaukee Vegan Surprise!

So I know there is probably a lot of interesting vegan fare in parts of Milwaukee, but as I travel with 5 non-vegans in a very large RV, my options are limited to whatever is within walking distance of the venue. We played a lovely place called the Miramarth Theatre on North Oakland Ave which has a cute little 3-block stretch of stores and restaurants. Right across the street from the venue was a Thai place, which I've always thought was a safe bet for decent veg food...boy was I wrong. I've eaten my share of Phad Thai, and I've certainly had mundane or boring versions of this dish, but this place made a totally unrecognizable version, that was so awful we had to walk out, seeking something more edible down the street at Shiraz Persian Grill, hoping for that other no-fail tour meal, falafel. I shared a vegetarian Falafil Platter, which did not disappoint, but needed a little extra to get the bad taste of that awful Thai food out of my palate, so I had the man at the counter ask the kitchen staff if there was any chance the baklava was made with olive oil instead of butter. It WAS!! Vegan baklava makes everything better! It wasn't as good as my homemade stuff made with Earth Balance, but it was made with pistachios, my favourite, and was dirt cheap. Next time I go there I will definitely try their fresh juices as well!

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