Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicago is delicious!

So this was my second time eating my vegan face off in Chicago, but
this time I stayed in the super cute Wicker Park area. I was fortunate
to find a foodie ally in Robin, the cute cyclist who ran the Wicker
Park Inn B&B I stayed at, and she recommended two great spots,
Handlebar and Earwax, both awesome! My friend and I checked out
Handlebar for dinner, a cute bicycle punk-run place reminicent of
Boneshakers in Brooklyn, another fave place of mine. The star player
of the night was the fried dill pickles with vegan ranch dip. The
breading on the pickles was SO perfect, really great pickles too, I'm
drooling at the memory. I might have yelled at the pickles, they were
that good. Let's just say they beat the hot pants off any similarly
named dish you'd find at Hooters. Our main dishes were good too as I
recall, but their memory was erased by the amazing little turnovers we
got for dessert, called Peanut Butter and Jelly Fried Pies, which I
had to order because they sounded so terrifyingly intruiging. They
looked like little 3-bite turnovers, filled with pb&j, and so good
they dissappeared before I could snap a pic. Find them online at
or in real life at 2311 West North Ave.

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