Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vegan Eggs Benedict!

Whether you travel or cook at home, there are a few meals that make up
the Holy Grail of vegan foods...croissants are one, but the oft
searched, rarely found vegan breakfast foods are French toast and eggs
Benedict, and Julian's in Rhode Island has them both, as well as
pancakes! Bearing in mind how many meals I've eaten in the past 48
hours ( a LOT) I ordered a small portion, which still filled a large
plate, and the good news is it was DELICIOUS! Thick italian bread
slices layered with steamed spinach and a deep fried tofu medallion
which filled the role of poached egg quite nicely! The vegan
hollandaise sauce was very good, not too thick, and the home fries
were so well seasoned as to make ketchup irrelevant. I stole an onion
ring off King Sickabilly's plate and those are the best I've ever had
too! Definitely want to come back to try other things next time I'm in

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