Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby's First Grits!

It's almost 4am in Lexington, KY and the whole cast of Pretty Things
Peepshow joined me at Denny's for post-show food. The staff couldn't
tell me if the pancake batter was vegan,so I might research this
further. I ended up getting hashbrowns with mushrooms, the mushrooms
not being on the menu, but I figured they'd have them. Make sure to
ask them to cook them in oil, otherwise it will be butter! I has my
first (unfortunate) taste of grits too, which at Denny's taste like
wet cardboard. I am willing to give grits another chance, but perhaps
cooked by someone who can put a little more love in them. Altogether
my meal cost $1.98, and I was full from the hashbrowns, so I win,

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