Thursday, June 3, 2010

The next tour

I'm a week into a three month long tour with Pretty Things Peepshow, which is surprisingly my first tour as the only vegan or at least vegetarian ever! I've been touring since 2005, performing since 2003, so I am pretty well accustomed to where I can find suitable food on the road, but it's always nice to have an ally in the hunt for vegan eats! We're stopped briefly in Brooklyn today on an off day, so I stocked up on a vegan reuben filled with Daiya cheese and lots of baked goods for the coming days. We'll be hitting New England this next week, which will mostly be a first for me, so I'll be curious to see what vegan options I find there!



  1. where did you get this rueben? S'nice, V Spot?

  2. I got the reuben at Boneshakers, 134 Kingsland Ave in Brooklyn, my new favourite restaurant!